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Club Phone: (02) 4937-1224

Pro Shop: (02) 4937-1091


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Dear members, guests, and staff,

As at 17th March, 2020, the state of NSW has the highest reported number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Australia at 170. We feel we have for ourselves and those around us, including our members, guests, staff, and contractors that frequent the Club, effective immediately the following guidelines and policy relating to COVID-19 will take effect at Kurri Golf Club:

  • If you have returned, or been in close contact with someone who has returned from any country outside of Australia, including those on a cruise, you cannot attend the Club (the Club being inclusive of the entire site and property boundaries of Kurri Golf Club e.g. practice facilities etc) until you have self-isolated for a 14 day period.

A reminder, that you are now required to self-isolate for 14 days upon your return from overseas in accordance with government advice to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

The Club has provided an increased number of hand sanitiser dispensers around the Clubhouse and members are encouraged to use these dispensers if necessary. Where possible, frequently touched surfaces will be sanitised more regularly at the Club by our team, this includes counter surfaces, scorecard return screens, and motorised carts. Regularly accessed doors at the Club will also be left ajar to minimise risk.

At this stage business is as per usual, however we encourage members and visitors attending Kurri Golf Club to minimise close person-to-person contact where possible and to exhibit an increased awareness of personal hygiene as has been encouraged by State and Federal health departments.

The management and Board feel that this is both a sensible and relevant approach in protecting our membership (a portion of which are elderly and at risk), guests, staff and contractors that frequent the Club, and generally "doing our bit" to minimise COVID-19's spread. We will continue to be guided by the advice issued by the State and Federal governments which will result in the Club's policy changing regularly in an effort to adapt. Any changes will be communicated to the Club's membership via website post and Newsletter in addition to hard copy notices around the Club.

The Club is currently reviewing contingencies, should public information and government advice change, and our operation be required to comply with operating restrictions or similar, within a short time period.

Board of Directors

Kurri Golf Club

Whenever you enter the grounds of Kurri Golf Club you must register your                  details either in the Pro Shop or Entry into Clubhouse.

                            JANUS Patron Registration System Click here for full details

JANUS is designed to run on a patron’s smartphone. It is a web app, meaning it is driven from a website and not by an app that is downloaded from the app store. The concept is simple, as a patron enters the premises, you will be asked to  scan a prominently positioned QR Code using their smartphone camera. This will direct them to a website that will ask them to register their contact details as required by Government legislation.

Once the user scans the QR code on their device they will be redirected to the landing page where they will be required to enter their details and hit the Register button. Provided cookies are enabled on their device the next time they visit Kurri GC and scan the QR code they will not have to enter their details again they will just get the confirmation screen and their details will be logged in the database.


 Each non-dependent adult should register separately, but dependants such as accompanying children can be added to a responsible adult’s registration and inherit their contact details to smooth the entry process. Remember all staff and on-site contractors need to register on entry also.


 Provided cookies are enabled on the patron’s browser, the system remembers their first visit. Every time they visit any participating JANUS venue again, all they need to do is scan the QR code and away they go!


1. Social Golf for Non Members is allowed BOOKINGS ONLY

2. Social Golf for Kurri Members by Booking Only.

3.Competition on Saturdays are MEMBERs only 6.30am to 12.30pm, Members can book 1 visiting member in their group.


Members can book online , Visitors phone the Proshop for bookings 

7am to 12.30pm

5.WEDNESDAY'S  7am to 11am

LADIES COMP, Members and Visitors welcome, members book Online , Visitors call Proshop for Bookings

SENIORS COMP , Members and Regular Visitors Bookings online

Timesheets have now been released for the next 14 days, Going forward each Daily Timesheet will come out at 9pm a 2 weeks before, 

Each day a new timesheet will come out just like it did before except now is only 14 days in advance instead of 21 Days.

Kurri Golf Club Restriction Easing Statement. 

As of Friday morning Kurri Golf Course will re-open - under strict conditions. 


The structure we are putting in place is far from ideal but necessary at this time to allow our members and guests to not only play but also look after the health and safety of everyone involved. 


If you have any questions please call the pro-shop or contact us via our website www.kurrigolfclub.com.au or Facebook Page. 


By placing your name on any of our Competition or Social Golf Timesheets you are agreeing to the follow strict rules that will be enforced. 




  • Online / Phone Bookings Only. 

  • Any abuse towards Pro Shop staff will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave.  Golf during these difficult times is a privilege not a right.  

  • 1 Tee Start @ 8 Minute Intervals 

  • 2 players per group, up to 4 players.

  • Only 2 people in the Pro shop at any time

  • All Practice Facilities are open with strict Social Distancing rules , Members and Competition Players only, + Green Fee Paying Players

  • Recent advice from the NSW Health Minister has determined that two family members living together can share a golf cart. Must prove they share the same address by showing Drivers License.

  • 1 Person  per cart.

  • Two sets of clubs can be carried in the same golf cart if one person walks Golf NSW now recommends that should Clubs allow this to occur that they reinforce that social distancing guidelines be followed throughout the round.

  • Single Stableford competitions to run on Tues, Wed (for Ladies & Seniors), Fri, Sat & Sun. 

  • Arrive 15min before your tee time.  Make your way to Pro Shop then Warm up area then Directly to the 1st Tee. 

  • When you finish your round complete your card asap, put it in the box and move to your car and leave the course immediately.

  • At no time can players loiter around the pro shop or outdoor area.

  • Cart Hire will be $20 per cart for Members and $30 per cart for visitors, Please Note: This is special Price for only the time that 1 person only allowed in the carts. 




Please cooperate and work with us so we can continue to operate in a safe and COVID-19 Free Environment. 


You can also assist us by spreading this message as far and wide as you can to keep our visitors informed of what is happening at our club. 


By order of the Board  

Friday - Single Stableford 

  • Open to Members & Visitors

  • Competition Timesheet 7am-12.30pm

  • Cart Hire available for Social Golf


Saturday - Single Stableford 

  • Open to Members Only Members can invite 1 Visitor

  • Competition Timesheet 6.30am-12:30pm

  • Hire available for Social Golf

  • Course Closed 4pm


Sunday - Single Stableford - Social Clubs will be phased back in and Booked on Timesheet

  • Open to Members & Visitors

  • Competition Timesheet 7am-12.30pm

  • Cart Hire available for Social Golf

  • Course Closed 5pm


Monday -  Open 7am to 5pm

  • Members and Non Members

  • Bookings Online


Tuesday - Single Stableford 

  • Open to Members & Visitors

  • Competition Timesheet 7am-12.30pm

  • Cart Hire available for Social Golf

  • Course Closed 5pm


Wednesday - Single Stableford 

  • Open to Ladies & Seniors 

  • Competition Timesheet 7am-11am

  • Cart Hire available for Social Golf

  • Course Closed 5pm

Thursday - Open 7am to 5pm

  • Members and Non Members

  • Book Online