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Now a fully qualified PGA Member of Australia, Brayden had a distinguished amateur career representing NSW in the junior and Senior state teams.  He started his traineeship in 2018 at Asquith G.C and finished with Leigh Newman at Kurri G.C.

  • Rich River Classic winner 2018,2020 R/U 2019

  • NSW trainee Championships R/U 2018,2019

  • Qld trainee Championships winner 2019, 3rd 2018.

  • Vic trainee Championships 2018 5th, 2019 R/U

  • PGA National Championships 2021 4th.

  • Brayden played the PGA tour of Aus in 2022/23.


Brayden is really looking forward to being a part of the team at Kurri and helping his students to reach their full potential.

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